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The Winning Influence

"It is faith that steers us through stormy seas, faith that moves mountains, and faith that jumps across the ocean."

-Mahatma Gandhi

I've had the privilege of meeting many interesting and influential people in my life, but none tops those people who have such love and kindness in their hearts that they care for others as if they are family. Without these kind of people in the world, I never could have made it to where I am today. People can achieve worldly success, attain recognition and reward, acquire riches, but none of it impresses me as much as those who treat others how they'd like to be treated and lend out a hand to those in need. Anyone can be that influential: anywhere, anytime, any age, any station in life.

Others who have influenced me aren't people at all, but the mythical spiritual leaders and figures that can be found in the rich histories of religions around the world. In my life experience, truly inspiring role models were hard to come by. Giving up due to that though lacks courage and effort. We can aspire to be more than others dream or allow themselves to be.

One of my favorite spiritual mythical figures includes David from the Bible's Old Testament. He is an important role model for our times. He was just a little shepherd boy without any real power in the world, but ended up being the sole cause an unbeatable war was won (utilizing faith and a mere slingshot and stone), and this sweet boy without any worldly distinction eventually became the ruler of one of the greatest kingdoms in the Bible. He's a powerful reminder of what small people can do with grace and faith in their own goodness and power.

I keep a Star of David necklace to remind myself that though but a small person, I also have the capability to beat seemingly insurmountable odds. So do you.


Let's remember that these are our lives: this is a time for our dreams. Let's not waste any more time bringing in the prosperous, healthy, and loved society we envision and deserve.

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