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Representing Women


In the history of our district, there has never been a woman sent to the Capitol to represent women's needs and experiences. Women's issues are important to me, and I will make it a point to empower female constituents by including them directly in making decisions and setting goals for us.

Our society has largely been built by men and therefore as such, doesn't fully empower women to thrive. It just goes to show how intelligent many women are to have adapted and as a result thrive, but I think we should have just as much say in how things can be done that support our communities effectively.

Our ideas do not lack substance or intelligence, in life or in governance, but we must be truly in touch with ourselves and trust in our power and insight to fully make use of our potential. Also, just as our male counterparts, we must have all the facts and educate ourselves as well. Knowledge is power.

I plan to work with multiple local women's groups where they will help me set my agenda for women's issues to bring to Congress. Please get involved so I can work with you!

An example of a women's issue that is important for me is expanding access to period care, especially for women in poverty, or worse homelessness. This is one of my priorities. Periods are hard enough for any woman, even in the poshest lifestyle. Can you imagine how hard it must be to have a heavy flow period while homeless, no easy access to toilet, no access to period care, no access to shower, and no access to washer and dryer if leakage/odor should happen? That right there is honestly one of the worst things imaginable, and sadly a reality for many homeless women. We are living in the wealthiest country in the world. This should not be happening.

Team up with me and other women so we can create laws that benefit our needs and empower each other to our greatest potential. When women thrive, life is better for all.

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