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 2nd Amendment 

The 2nd amendment is an important part of our constitution for many people in our country and district. Citizens have a right to defend it. However, there are other parts of the constitution that are equally important and must be taken into account in order for all to be upheld, simultaneously, with success.

An important duty that the constitution lays out is the government's role in promoting the general welfare and domestic tranquility amongst its citizens, as well as provide for the common defense.

If the general welfare and domestic tranquility of America was not disturbed, the 2nd amendment would not as such be up for debate.

The United States of America have a right to ensure the welfare and tranquility of its peoples through working with those who fight for their right to bear arms to find an effective solution and compromise.

I am reasonable, my logic is sound, and I'm willing to work with and listen to all people to find the correct recipe that delivers the greatest results. Will you join me in solving some of our nation's greatest problems?


Let's show them how it's done.

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