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Let's create something timeless. Something we can share with our families, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens. We must grasp what is enduring. We must strengthen the essential.

         Special Notes for:

                Women                        Military




      2nd Amd Activists            Homeless

Keeping Big $$

Out of Government:


I have signed the Candidate Pledge in support of a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to stop big money dominating our politics and empower all Americans.


When passed, this Amendment will:

Increase political representation of ordinary Americans; foster more competition, more free speech, and better debate in elections; empower states and communities to govern our own elections, free of dominating outside influence ; ensure Americans don’t have to buy our political voice

Non-Exhaustive List of Issues and Priorities

-Measures to reduce access to dangerous drugs prioritized, foreign trafficking minimized; support and resources for addicts, including health care and medication

-Strengthening our national security while maintaining and building peaceful international alliances; improving strategic response to security threats that display  intelligence and foresight; establishing more pronounced national independence by empowering local industries and developers

-Making sure our military has a strong competitive advantage with the best instruction and tools at their disposal; continued support for veterans


-Government has no role in determining, judging, or minimizing Love; Love is a gift to be celebrated and blesses us all, directly and indirectly


-Supportive measures to break human trafficking and provide sustainable stability/safety for victims and survivors

-I do not support ending the filibuster

-Wasteful government spending should be examined, reformed, and put back into the hands of the American people

-Setting measures in place to minimize violent extremism and domestic terrorism

-I support strengthening border security and legal immigration

-Investing in our police force with the best education and training possible; working with them to create more effective systems that outsmart crime and instigate peaceful communities

-Expanding period care for women who lack access, especially those in poverty and homelessness

-Protecting and strengthening social security, retirement, child welfare

-Supporting nurses, teachers, firefighters, and other service members as best I can by learning from them

-Advocacy and safety for bicyclists, bikers, and other non-vehicle transportation


-Common sense and constitutionally compatible gun safety measures, with supports in place to help both gun owners and non-gun owners feel secure in their communities.

-Helping more people with groceries; expanding food access/delivering food justice; expanding access to organics and banning harmful chemicals in our food; eliminating industrial food waste

-Strengthening supportive systems for the disabled and seniors

-Protecting environment and implementing effective sustainable systems to replace inefficient systems

-Water justice, better management and protection of water sources

-Solving recycling problems and working with industries to reduce their production of wasteful packaging; innovating better systems

-Expanding access to affordable housing and home ownership; providing support for those in need of vital home repairs; implementing proven systems to eradicate homelessness


-Advocating for responsible Artificial Intelligence Ethics

-Easier access to updated green technologies

-Humane prison reform; making it easier for ex convicts to maintain healthy lives after prison

-Investment in shared community farms and gardens


-Reforming sub-minimum tipped and disability wages


-Strong family/community values; being a good friend

-Protecting the vulnerable

-Strong support and protection of small business


-Expanding opportunities for useful and innovative inventions and discoveries that serve the betterment of life

-Community enrichment through support of beneficial arts, music, festivals, and traveling/learning opportunities

-Providing hope and exciting opportunities for all ages and peoples

-Instigating "thriving" not just "surviving"

-Strongly advocating for the general welfare and safety of our country's people

-Working with common sense and for the better good

-Bringing in more fun

Many of these priorities I have realistic concepts of bills and measures for consideration, others are more open-ended for fresh creation and advocacy in Congress.


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