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 K A T R I N A    N G U Y E N

2024 US House of Representatives Candidate for Colorado's 5th District​​ 

An unaffiliated independent dedicated to effective and just problem-solving​


Enjoy exploring the website to learn more about me and the issues​ I prioritize


I look forward to collaborating with and supporting YOU because YOU matter,

and your dreams and experiences are important

General goals:

  • Fair, solution-driven representation
  • Regular local City Hall meetings so we can discuss issues important to you
  • Ways to get the district more involved with the Washington D.C. experience; opportunities for community events at home
  • Dedication to integrity, researching the facts and applying common sense and understanding, teamwork, utilizing strategy and foresight to the best of  ability, being as thorough as possible, and respecting everyone regardless of belief
  • Aiming above all to be effective and deliver results

Website dedicated to my late friend and mentor, Tom Bender

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