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Hello, my name is Katrina Nguyen. I would like to represent Colorado's 5th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. I believe the time is right for  Colorado's 5th District to move ahead with someone who is willing to work in inventive, practical ways across party-lines to bring our nation the peace and prosperity it deserves. Will you help me help you?

First and foremost, I am a peacemaker.


Let's clarify: a peacemaker is not a pushover. A peacemaker is also not perfect.


Do peacemakers have a place in politics? I believe so, and now, I believe peacemakers are needed more than ever.


What qualifies me to represent you? Here is my answer: I want problems solved, I want fighting to cease, and I want our country to prosper. I don't have experience in politics, but I have experience in life and have a track record of remaining grounded and solution-oriented in the most turbulent of situations. I'm realistic, I don't think world peace can happen in a snap or just by being elected. I can't promise you the moon, and I can't control what other people do. But I can remain a reliable source of fairness, sanity, and stability, and attempt to build bridges when and where I can. I think most people just want to know what they are getting themselves into. That someone is going to be level-headed and have their backs in times of injustice and when things get rough. I do believe I am that and can be that on the level of government.


When we make the right choices, it can lead to peace.

I am a compassionate but impartial, unbiased problem-solver that strives for efficiency, the common good, win-win solutions, and freeing up unnecessary restrictions and impediments that overshadow our abilities to achieve best potentials and live prosperous, peaceful lives. While I may not personally agree with everyone, I believe the value and decency at the heart of most people overrule extremist viewpoints, and given that belief, I genuinely have faith we can make progress in ways that benefit the majority of people and those who are in vulnerable positions.


When electing a leader, I believe most want to be assured that someone representing them is well informed, composed under pressure, trustworthy, with a winning, effective strategy, and the bigger picture and the best possible outcome for all in mind.

aim to embody these attributes, but more than that, it tends to mostly come naturally. I have experienced very extreme situations in my life from a very young age that taught me how things really work on an essential level, and where to place my value and focus to stay sane, grounded, and operating with balance and respect, no matter what takes place. But, you don't have to learn about me if you don't want to -- read through my priorities -- that's what matters here.

Please explore my website to understand from where I'm coming. Please also come to an event where you can ask questions and learn more. If you have an especially important interest in a topic, let's collaborate and host an event for it. You're also welcome to leave me a note through the note function lower right corner. Find me through my social media links at the bottom of the page.


Hope to meet you soon.


                      One of my greatest goals is to be someone worthy of your trust and respect.

More about Katrina:


​In addition to experiencing, observing and studying societal systems with a hunger for innovation for improved systems, Katrina has been actively involved with efforts to reach out to the homeless in meaningful ways that validate their humanity, contributed meaningfully from the heart to those leaving domestic abuse situations, managed, printed, and published her own newspaper inspired by the concept of "Heaven on Earth," conceptualized multiple sustainable housing and publicly shared vegetable garden developments, one of which was worked on actively and almost became its own non profit, collaborated with local government as a citizen and held them accountable for upholding their duties, had personal mentorship with many dynamic innovative leaders in the realms of sustainability, affordable housing, compassionate economics, faith ministry, and more. She has published writings in various journals and has been commissioned to read her poetry. She is extensively educated but does not hold any higher education degrees, due to circumstance.



Born to southeast Asian and eastern European immigrants, Katrina has had a lifelong interest in physics, sustainability, innovation, mystery, community prosperity, the arts, humor, agape love, and peaceful society. She is a great believer in friendship and think that if we all held each other up, we could get a lot more accomplished in the world. She is what some may consider multi-talented, having many developed interests and hobbies, but at the end of the day she is pretty boring for most people and mostly scrupulous and tedious, which can be seen as a character flaw in daily life but can be used beneficially in policy and decision making. She has not owned a car in over 12 years and has not driven one in over 8. She goes by bike (if she can)! Like most people, she loves animals and nature. If she weren't spending time trying to get into Congress, she would be working on an opera she has been dreaming up awhile now and finishing a collection of original songs on folk harp. Her favorite thing about Colorado is its blue skies -- no skies she has seen can compete with it. She values the simple pleasures in life and prays everyday.

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