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Frequently Asked Questions and More About Katrina


Q. Why does Katrina walk with a cane?

A. She had multiple accidents and lives with a neurological disorder that impairs her mobility. Read more on her blog post entitled "Darker Stories."

Q. Will Katrina's disabilities prevent her from doing her job if elected?

A. That is a really good question and has been taken into serious consideration. Katrina was inspired to run for Congress having experienced how left behind people with extra needs can be in the current systems. If it weren't for her own resourcefulness, she'd likely not be alive. Life should not have to be that tempestuous in a wealthy country full of people who care, and that gives her inspiration and motivation to help others through the role of a Congressperson. Not only those with extra needs, but everyone who is affected poorly by the inefficient systems. While many other jobs may not be sustainable for Katrina, the efficient meaningful role in Congress would be worth it, knowing she is doing something that is making a real difference on a nationwide scale. The fact is, though, her disabilities do still exist, so she has checked with the Americans with Disabilities Act agency on a law called "Reasonable Accommodation," which gives all disabled American employees reasonable accommodations on the job when needed and able. It was confirmed that this would also apply in Congress.

Q. Where did Katrina grow up?

A. Katrina was born in California and relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado when she was under 5 years old, where she remained for the duration of her upbringing. She was homeschooled for most of her primary and secondary schooling, in addition to attending a private Christian school. She convinced her parents to let her go to a public school in the 10th grade. Roy J. Wasson high school was the nearest school. That is where she graduated high school in 2004. She attended University of Colorado, both Colorado Springs and Denver campuses. In 2011/12ish she moved out of state. She moved back to Colorado in 2023.



Q. What is Katrina's political party?

A. Katrina finds meaning and relevance in both major political parties and sees no fair way to represent the needs of the people without being nonpartisan and independent from major party identity. Katrina has never seen an airplane fly without both its left and right wings. She truly believes she can work amongst both parties, given they act respectfully and with integrity, due to certain shared values with both parties. Study Katrina's issues and priorities to understand where she stands. She sincerely believes she can contribute meaningfully, intelligently, and fairly to both parties.

Q. How will donations be used?

A. As an Independent candidate, it cannot be overstated how crucial every and any penny goes towards reaching as many people as possible through TV/radio ads, mail, events, and more to compete effectively against major party candidates. It cannot be stressed enough how important your donations are in maximizing impact. You can donate by clicking the "Donate" button at the bottom of the page, or by clicking here. If you cannot donate money, please donate time. You are appreciated and your contribution matters!



Q. What are the sources for the website's photography?

A. All of the pictures, except for personal portraits, are sourced from the Library of Congress website, where all photos are free for public use.

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