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Crime and Incarceration

I enjoyed hosting my 1st X Space discussion on crime and incarceration. We dug into a lot of critical topics, and the shared conclusion amongst the speakers was that more trauma treatment is needed to reduce our high rates of crime. The memoir is on its way to MI where the contest winner lives. Listen to the replay here:

All the stories from my speakers of incarceration were impactful, but my heart absolutely broke hearing Bill Kissinger's story about coming back from serving in the Vietnam War w/ no support and being spat on and cursed by people for serving, which spiraled him into his crime.

How many other vets are still incarcerated, after being sent into a war, then brought back with no mental health support or community support, then act out in a state of understandable rage? People. Please let's not let this happen to future generations. We have to do better.

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