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The Shining Stars of Our Lineages

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

"The Shining Stars of Our Lineages"

by Katrina Nguyen

We are all part of multiple lineages that we are responsible for maintaining for ourselves and the benefit and accomplishment of all. If you are someone who is scared of that sort of responsibility, don’t let this scare you. Consciously accepting this responsibility can be a lot more wonderful and bring more fulfillment to you than you know.

Our lineages are not reduced to only our ancestors earthly originations, and includes a whole range we operate within every day. Our lineages hold and connect ourselves, descendants, and successors in a web of cause, effect, vibration, and light, and connects us to other webs, and so on.

Every day we make choices and decisions that affect our kin, and as a result, everyone else. We communicate to the outside world through our choices, without having to say a word. Quantum Physics says everything we are and do is vibration. Even thought is vibration. These choices and vibrations create the webs within which we exist.

We may find ourselves in a deep, dark pit, without knowing how it happened. We may find one day out of the blue we are thinking things so unlike us, and identifying a bit too much with what we were previously protecting ourselves against. In these crises, we must rise to the occasion the best ways we are able. We must rescue and sculpt ourselves into what and who we know will honor the highest vision of our lives according to our soul’s calling, and which will uplift and bless those within our lines, especially those who within them make choices that set us back and ache us deeply in our souls across space and time.

We must develop a real sensitivity and discernment as to what will truly benefit ourselves in sustainable ways that also benefit the whole. This is common sense, but not so easily accomplished all of the time — especially if so many across the board are not consciously doing so. There is much love to be made, and when injustice is so prevalent in our lives we start to become blind to it, those of us who do see it have to do double-triple-quadruple the amount of wise work, and sometimes even then it feels like nothing is ever going to give.

But, we must have faith in the law of cause and effect, and trust that those who have held steady, pushed through with grace, and surfed the waves of total and utter destruction have reinforced truth as truth throughout their lineages’ telephone lines that will someday Ring True.

This is about so much more than tending to plastic waste, financial greed, overconsumption, abuses of the natural world, and societal injustice and corruption. It’s about tending the root causes. This is about the small stuff within our daily lives. It’s about how we are taking care of ourselves and our genuine needs, how we are treating those around us, and how we are being treated. It’s about examining and being truly honest with ourselves and others. It’s about tending to what we need to tend to within our own hearts, minds, and lives that we have been avoiding. By healing these rifts within ourselves and our lives, we send out healing signals to everyone who are faced with similar paths, and those connected through alliance and association.

This is a call to make one small choice every day that may cause beautiful and miraculous effects. This is a call to do that one thing that you know will help you but that you just can’t bring yourself to do. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for others which it affects — someday they’ll thank you, and you’ll thank yourself too.

Every little choice we make can eventually create the ultimate Lineage of Love we all have been praying for, even if we don’t pray and don’t know what to pray for if we did. There is a self-sustaining, overwhelming beauty awaiting us all that we have caught in glimpses of dreams, visions, mysterious memories, and pieces of awakenings. I am ready to live there.

So, I am digging deep and searching for what I need to do in order to have maximum impact upon this lineage of love. This is one small step in that direction. Let all these words sink in and impact you in all the ways your peaceful and holy heart and soul needs to really move and sing.

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